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Taizhou Jujin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

We are a private enterprise solely owned by natural persons
Taizhou Jujin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a professional Wooden Ornaments Manufacturers and Woodworks Factory integrating development, production and sales. We are responsible for custom Wooden Ornaments products online.
Our company has an international production base and strict and standardized process, and excellent quality control Provides reliable custom Woodworks products quality assurance for production. We do our best to satisfy our customers' pursuit of health and quality. You are also very welcome to exchange ideas with us and stimulate unlimited creativity.

Our Product Industry Knowledge Extension

The meaning of wooden ornaments
As a practical activity of material creation, wooden ornaments design is not only an act of creation but also an act of spiritual production that shapes people's lifestyles and cultural methods. Design products carry the relevant internal and external factors of social culture, and reflect people's lifestyles, values, and cultural psychology at different levels in a specific time and space. At the same time, the design also provides a material premise for the formation of people's material product selection, aesthetic psychology, and aesthetic culture.
The shape, color, pattern, texture, decoration technique, and other content of Wooden Ornaments, as intuitive elements of visual form, affect people's cognition and aesthetic choices, and convey the message of beauty to the public with beautiful shape, color, and craftsmanship, so as to stimulate the audience aesthetic awareness and guide consumers' aesthetic tendencies towards a higher level. Wooden ornaments are the basic factors affecting the public's aesthetic performance in home and body ornaments. In the era of "light decoration, heavy decoration" fast food, people like the convenience brought by "fast consumption", but don't like the constant interior decoration. People like to use accessories to change patterns according to their mood at any time and change their tastes from time to time.

Cleaning tips for wooden ornaments
Wooden ornaments can easily look old once they get dusty, so scrubbing and cleaning are key. Usually, depending on whether the room is clean or not, dust off the Wooden Ornaments with a dry cotton cloth or a feather duster to show their natural beauty.
If you find that the gloss of wooden ornaments is not good, you can use a brush to apply glazing wax to the surface of wooden ornaments, and wipe it with a rag to polish it. In addition, you can also use a pure cotton towel dipped in some walnut kernel oil to gently rub the surface of wooden ornaments to achieve the desired effect.
Wooden ornaments should not be wiped with a towel with water, which will make the Wooden Ornaments too wet but will not achieve the expected effect and destroy the natural texture and color of the wood. Do not use chemical solvents to remove stains
If there are stains on the surface of wooden ornaments, do not rub them vigorously, or for convenience, directly splash chemicals and wipe them off. But this not only scratches the wax but also damages the decoration itself.

General maintenance instructions for wooden ornaments
1. Cleaning: Clean wooden ornaments with a soft damp cloth, then gently dry them. Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaning products as they can damage the finish.
2. Moisture: Keep wood trim away from sources of moisture such as high humidity, damp basements, or damp rooms. Too much moisture can cause the wood to swell, warp, or rot.
3. Temperature: Avoid exposing wooden ornaments to extreme temperature changes, as this can cause the wood to crack or split. Keep wooden ornaments away from fireplaces, radiators, or other heat sources.
4. Dusting: Dust wood ornaments regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust. Use a soft cloth or feather duster to gently remove dirt and dust.
5. Repairs: If your wood ornament is damaged, consider having it repaired by a professional rather than trying to fix it yourself.
6. Polishing: If your wood ornament has a finish, you can polish it with a soft cloth and mild wax to help protect the finish and keep the wood looking its best.